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About Us

About us

The Muslim Community Center (MCC) was established and is directed under the principles of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’a. The MCC is a venue for the Muslims to come together to worship, learn, network, socialize, and play. The MCC is a mosque and community center built for the growth and development of the Muslim American family.

Mission Statement

Enhancing and enriching the lives of Muslims and Non-Muslims in Utah by offering religious services based on The Holy Qur’an and Sunnah (Traditions) of Prophet Muhammed . We wish to provide an environment of safety and understanding.

  • To be the hub for Muslim social interaction in the Salt Lake valley

  • To be the center of Muslim youth for all aspects of their lives

  • To be the heart of the Muslim family

We Offer
  • The 5 obligatory daily prayers and Friday Sermon/Prayer

  • Weekend Islamic School - Tuition Fee *Sponsorship Available

  • Halaqah (Circle of Knowledge) after 'Isha Prayer on Friday

  • Qur'an Class of Tajweed after Fajr Prayer on Sunday

  • Marriage Ceremony

  • Youth Counseling

More To Come - Insha'Allah

  • Workshops

  • Library

  • Boy and Girls Scouts

  • Funeral Services - Islamic

  • Women only gatherings and classes

  • Arabic Language Class

  • Self-defense & Martial Arts

  • English for non-native speakers

  • Community Outreach & Service

  • Facility Rentals for meetings, dinners, family gatherings, weddings, etc.

Our Staff...
Hosam Al-Ani

Director / Temporary Imam

Nidal Alsharif

Facility Manager

Letitia McFelt

Administration and Sisters' Affairs

Kassim Abdalla

Project Manager

About Us
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