In the Masjid

اوقات الصلاة

في المسجد

During COVID-19, Currently:

Jummah Prayer is short and starts @ 12:15 PM

  • The doors open 5 minutes before the prayer and closed shortly after.

  • Face Mask is required.

  • Prayer Rug is required.

  • Bathrooms are closed, please come with wudhoo'.

  • Maintain a 6 foot distance from others.

  • Sadly, only men are currently praying this prayer as they are required and too keep occupants to a minimum.

  • Elders, Respected Sisters and Children are currently request to not attend.

  • Anyone who is sick should not attend.

Daily Prayers

  • Same rules as Jummah Prayer above apply.

  • Currently the masjid is only open for Fajr and Isha, these prayer times will be announced weekly in the WhatsApp Group.

For up to date info and announcements, please join the WhatsApp Group here.