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Imam Description

General Responsibilities


  • Give khutba and lead prayers on Friday and Eid

  • Provide lectures and classes

  • Lead daily prayers

  • Maintain office hours at the Center for community members who seek religious counsel and guidance all, including families and youth

Required Qualifications

  • Citizenship or Residency of the United States of America, we cannot sponsor anyone outside of the US of America

  • Correct recitation of Quran

  • Understand American culture, especially with youth

  • Good English (spoken, reading and writing)

  • Degree or Equivalent Certificate of Islamic Knowledge

  • Ability to interact with and relate with the youth

  • Ability to work with people of different cultures and backgrounds

  • Ability to respond and interact with other faiths and media


Preferred Qualifications (not required)


  • Provide funeral services

  • Memorized the Quran

  • Willing to further your own skills and Islamic Education if needed

  • Fluency in Arabic

  • Physical ability to hold outdoor activities



To Apply


Please send an email with your resume to

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